October - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A while back I decided I wanted to start this blog as an outlet of support for moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, anyone that is caring for a child. My goal was to share any insights I had in the hopes they might help someone struggling with a situation with a teen, feeling overwhelmed by a toddler, or wanting to share some happiness in their family. Then 2020 hit and I got sidetracked. I am hoping to get this forum up and running on a regular basis.

Today I'd like to welcome October and remind people to take control of your own bodies and health. Almost 10 years ago to the day I discovered a lump during a self exam that did not seem to belong. After a visit to the doctor to confirm this needed further examination I was sent for a mammogram and an appointment with another doctor. The mammogram did not indicate anything however the other doctor could feel this lump as well so scheduled a biopsy. The results were everyone's worst fears, breast cancer. Keep in mind, this had not shown up on the mammogram.

I had a 15 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. I had lost a sister to breast cancer 12 years prior. The tumor was determined to be malignant so surgery was scheduled. Through the grace of God and the unending support of friends and family, we got through the next few months. I was fortunate not to need chemo, although I was on the cusp, so it was really my decision to forgo this treatment.

I am almost 10 years out, will be taking my tamoxifen for the final time in January. I feel blessed to be 10 years out, but at the same time the cancer is always there somehow.

Please know your body and if you suspect something isn't as it should be, make sure to find the right people. Remember, mine did not show up on the mammogram. Don't bury your head in the sand just because you like the answer that everything is fine, when you know in your heart it is not.

Wear pink, think about survivors you know and remember the ones that didn't make it through.

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